Lacey came out as kinky in 1995 while living in the heart of the Bible Belt, North Carolina. After hiding her true self for decades, she started finding various groups around the state that supported education and community, including Triangle Munch Group (TMG), DarkShadow (Raleigh), Kinky Cocktail Club (KCC), Down East Carolina Kink (now Eastern Carolina Power Exchange), Charlotte Area Power Exchange (CAPEX), and was the first heterosexual female approved for full membership in Menamore LLC, Wilmington NC.

She moved to Colorado in Jan 2016 and quickly connected with Voodoo Leatherworks. Working with Master Thorns and a team of volunteers, she created and chaired the Voodoo Leatherworks Leadership Council for two years to further the work and community development of the leather club. Currently she serves as the Education Chair for Voodoo Leatherworks. She has a professional background with over 30 years in event management and creating community based programs.

Lacey holds the Membership position on the CLF Board.

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