Madame Mae

Madame Mae is a non-binary, mixed-race, queer, chronically ill, Leather Daddy, Dominant and Puppy Handler. They are both a Madame and a Daddy, as they proudly do not ascribe to traditional gender roles or the gender binary. Madame Mae is femme, futch, and a butch boi all at once.  They have been exploring the world of kinky fun since their days in Catholic school and have been an active part of the Colorado Leather scene for the last seven years.

Madame Mae’s Leather resume includes: Co-facilitating the Denver Dominants Discussion Group at the Denver Sanctuary, working as a professional Dominatrix and presenting kink-inspired burlesque at local events such as Exile and Repent.  Madame Mae comes from a background in psychology, political science and professional social justice advocacy. They actively work toward creating positive legal and social change for those who are disenfranchised and marginalized.  Madame Mae uses all pronouns including They/Theirs, She/Hers and He/His.

Together Bootblack Kiddo and Madame Mae believe in co-creating a respectful and supportive educational experience that seeks to honor the experiences of all people. Their goal of presenting inclusion and diversity related topics in Leather/BDSM/Kink is to educate community members from an intersectional perspective, in hopes of creating systems of equality, equity, authenticity and mutual respect for all people.

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