Marsha Mellow

Marsha Mellow, the “camp drag” persona of Master Trent, was created and introduced in March of 2015 at Colorado Leather Fest. Her inaugural appearance was a greater success than expected, and she has since been requested to perform at a variety of fund raiser events around the state, and has become a regular performer, almost “celebrity”, at Colorado Leather Fest.

The other motivation for Marsha’s creation was to break stereotypes, and to have fun. By being able to laugh at himself, put on a dress, wig and makeup, and perform for the community, he started breaking the stereotype that those who identify as a “Master” are always 100% serious. Come on folks, quit taking yourself so seriously.

Many baby (new) drag queens learn the tricks of the trade from their drag mothers. Marsha’s drag mother is Cookie Fortuna of the Denver Cycle Sluts. It was only fitting that her drag mother is a Denver Cycle Slut since they have existed in Denver since 1979 as a group that embodies the camp drag style and their entire focus is on having fun and entertaining for charity fund raisers.

Marsha is a flirt, a unapologetic slut, a little sarcastic, and enjoys pushing boundaries and poking fun at sacred cows… in a good-spirited way. There is nothing serious about her, and she loves engaging with an audience any way she can. If she can make you laugh, that is great, but if she can make you blush, gasp, and laugh, that is even better. Mission accomplished.

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