Master Pegasus

Master Pegasus first came into the leather community in his 20’s.  In the 80’s he was a participant at the early pan-sexual and men’s parties at the original Catacombs and other locations in San Francisco.  After a hiatus, he again became active about 20 years ago here in Colorado.  He identifies as a Master with traditional thoughts on Mastery, Consensual Slavery and Authority Exchange.  For the last few years, he has been a volunteer staff member (orientation, host and dungeon monitor) at the Denver Sanctuary and was the coordinator for MORE (Men’s Play Night) at the Labyrinth and Denver Harbour for multiple years before turning the event over to the new coordinators who renamed it Mancode.  He has enjoyed his role as a Master – mentoring and training Masters, Dominants, slaves, and boys.  He finds great joy in sharing his knowledge with others and helping newer people safely find their place in the scene/life.  He loves learning new things and improving his skills and knowledge.  Master Pegasus’ focus is M/s.  His core turn-on is Authority Exchange – having owned, mentored, trained and had in service multiple boys and slaves.  He loves using his skills to form a sub or slave into the best they can be.  Being served by a slave is one of life’s joys for him.  His BDSM skills and interests include giving sensations from gentle to intense, mental play and energy play – with his most important tools being his hands and voice.

He has done classes and demonstrations on topics including:

House Pegasus’ motto is: “Obedience, Mutual Honor, Mutual Respect, Mutual Trust”

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