Ms Cenna

Ms Cenna came into the community in 2006. Starting with local munches, she quickly progressed to become an active member of the Central Texas and greater Austin area. She is a happily married, polyamorous Leatherwoman with her own Leather Household (House Haven), which she leads jointly with her husband.

In 2009 she graduated from the year-long Austin Mentorship Program, promptly got involved as a program administrator, and followed that by running the AMP in 2011/2012. She still teaches the yearly Sharps Intensive for the AMP, and continues to be a mentor for the program.

She served consecutively as Security and Education Council for SAADE in 2016, the primary educational organization within the greater Austin area. During that time, she was in charge of securing experienced educators for monthly meetings as well as quarterly weekend education events.

Over the last 6 years, she has presented workshops for numerous small localized events and groups, as well as for the GWNN Bash (Austin), at Leather Pride in Texas (Austin), for WILF (Women in Leather Fest – Dallas), at Beyond Vanilla (Dallas), and both the KinkWeekend & Oklahoma Leather Fest in Oklahoma City.

She continues to serve her community as an educator, mentor and hands-on instructor while continuing to develop her workshops with the goal to reach new audiences and communities outside of Texas and Oklahoma.

Her teaching style is fun and interactive, easily drawing the attendees in and involving them in the discussion. Authentic and genuine, she shares her personal experiences – good and bad – with her audience, making a point of only talking about what she has first-hand experience with.

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