Nick Elliott (Master of Ceremonies)

Nick was International Mr Bootblack 2012, and while he’s hung up his sash, he still does boots all over the country, and believes that by taking care of your leather, he’s taking care of you.

Nick is a US Army Veteran who lives in Portland, Oregon. He has a wife, a boyfriend in Edinburgh, and a couple of Daddies on the side. Nick describes himself as a bi-poly-pagan-kinky-gamer-geek (or “slut” for short). He switches for impact and rough body play and loves to bite. He is also turned on by bears, armpits, gloves and cigars.

Blah blah, bunch of stuff he’s done in the community and other things that make him seem way more important than he is.

P.S. Everything is better with Googly eyes.

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