slave neeka

Slave neeka is the proud property of Master Shado, the founder and Master of The Shadows.  The Shadows is a leather house located in Brighton, Colorado dedicated to Alternative Lifestyle Education, Elegance in Hedonism, and Mental Play Techniques.  Through her dedication to her Master and the values of his leather house, slave neeka’s accomplishments are numerous among her 12-year journey as a slave.

Slave neeka is Colorado slave 2015 and attended many conferences across the country, teaching, learning and growing. She and Master Shado enjoy raising their 3 teenage boys, affectionately nicknamed MIT’s or “Men In Training”.   Their parenting relationship keeps them positively grounded in the vanilla world while still practicing their 24/7 Master/slave dynamic. Their Protocols are designed to be flexible and can vary from subdued to extravagant depending on the situation.  Her kink passions include Erotic Hypnosis, High Protocol, Age play, and providing excellence in service.  Her hobbies include binge watching strong females in lead roles, crime documentaries, and raunchy comedies.

slave neeka holds the M/s ContestCoordinator position on the CLF Board.

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