Queer. Pirate. Dragon. 20+ years of being kinky. Leather is my code and the creed that I live by. For me, this has included challenging the “Old Guard” vs. “Next Generation” divide. Since its inception following World War II, Leather has continually shifted to encompass new ideas and identities. I welcome this challenge, and believe that at its core, Leather is about honoring and becoming our truest selves; supporting each other through our most intimate journeys; creating safe spaces to learn, grow, and explore in community; and paving the way for newcomers while honoring those who have come before. As a pirate, I sum up my Leather creed in 4 words. Authenticity, Integrity, Service, Community. Mentoring and teaching are important forms of service and acts of love I share with my tribe, constantly providing me new perspectives and opportunities for growth.

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