Parade of Colors

Do you represent a club or organization or are you a current title holder? Are you a past or present Colorado Master/slave title holder, a state or regional title holder, an international title holder? If so, bring your banner (or you can carry a vest with a backpatch) to the Contest festivities on Saturday evening.

At a special point during the evening, the Emcee will announce the Parade of Colors. Participants will line up beside the stage. There will be a small table with index cards for each parade participant to print their name and the club, organization or title they are representing. Upon coming onto the stage, each representative will hand their card to the Emcee who will acknowledge the participant as they parade across the stage with their organization banner or patched vest, stop briefly at the center of the stage and then exit on the other side. Let us honor our participating groups.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the leather community’s public face … are the brilliantly colored heraldic designs displayed at many type of functions. Appearing on everything from patches and friendship pins to elaborate formal banners carried in an event that bears their name, the Parade of Colors, their use is so widespread that it seems as though they have always existed in their present form.

The concept of colors as embodying the collective honor and pride of a group parallels the military practice of the “Trooping of the Colors” on public ceremonial occasions, and was utilized as a way of formally recognizing the bonds which had evolved over time between leather organizations through the presentation of framed sets of colors, usually between clubs but often to local home bars as well. What had begun as a simple distinguishing mark for individual local groups had evolved into a formal and valued structural element of the networked leather community.

From ‘Our True Colors: The History and Evolution of Backpatch Insignias’ by Rob Ridinger